Casserole hunting for dinnertime

So It’s about 530pm and I ask my husband what he wants for dinner. I had made a pasta, leftover chicken and peas casserole the other night because I needed to use up the chicken to make room for our frozen turkey we’re trying to defrost to make room in our chest freezer. His reply was something along the lines of another casserole because I can eat it at any time until it’s done and I don’t have to worry about what to eat because it’s already made and I just have to heat it up.
So me being the recipe collector I am, I set forth to find about 30 casserole recipes so I can see what’s in them and how many items I already have and what I need to go buy.
Pinterest is a wonderful thing. You look for the pins that have over a 1000 repins and start pinning yourself. Now besides the fact that I have about 80 different cookbooks, not all of them contain casserole recipes and truly are worthy of making.
So now it’s up to me for the next 10 minutes to review the pins I have and narrow it down to about 3 I can make in the next hour for dinner. We’ll see what happens and I’ll do a follow up on what I made and how it was/worthy of sharing.


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