summer legs video

so I saw this and wanted to save it so I’m adding it to my exercise routine, when and if I actually make a routine.


I’m back!

I’m back after nearly a 4+month break. I figured I just had a big gap of procrastination happen to me. So I decided to start up again.

figured it out

So In the time I posted last night on FB that I now blog, and just a few minutes ago, I had the wrong link up for the name of the blog. I was under the impression I HAD picked the name of the blog and that would also be the name of the link too. Apparently not. It was my email address website with the name of the blog when you got there. Sheesh! that took a while to figure out. I have to go back and see if that’s what the introduction says, otherwise I may need to make a comment for the whole site. That was annoying to figure out. I didn’t know what to type into the help bar.