starting to exercise slowly

So I’ve come to the conclusion(long time ago but keeps popping up in my head) that I need to get healthy and fit. I’ve bought several exercise DVDs and ended up doing them once and that was it. I figured out I stopped doing the videos because they started all exercising at a level 8 of intensity so by the next 2-3 days, that body part or whole body was in so much pain that trying to do the video again made the pain all that much worse.

My idea that I’ve come up with is to start at a 2 or 3 in the fitness level so I can have just enough exercise to know I ACTUALLY did work out but not in the pain that says “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!” I want to be able to move the next day but still feel a little bit that I workout. I don’t want the jelly-legs feeling when you do more than enough and you just have to use something to keep standing and your legs bending from not having the strength to stand anymore.

I started this about a week ago. I plan on doing 1-2 video(s) a day depending on the length and intensity. Some of the videos are very intense but I just do what I can and take the break/rest when I need it and ignore the video or pause it. I’m not going to follow it to the point I’m going to fall over.I’m going at MY PACE, not theirs. That’s where my difference is. When I get to the point I can do the whole video without the rests/breaks, I’ll be happy and move to the next step. I need the flexibility I had in high school. It’s bad when I go to stretch my legs and I can only touch my shin instead of my toes or ankle.

My goal, besides to lose weight, is to be able to touch my toes again with less effort than now. I want to get tone or I should say I want the lines of definition of muscle.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.(I’ll post the links to the youtube video if I can find one for what I’m doing.)

Day 1- buns and thighs = Winsor Pilates (20 minutes )

Day 2- Winsor Pilates Ab Sculping (20 minutes)

Day 3- SparkPeople’s Butt Blasting Workout (6 minutes)

Day 3 -video 2 = Sparkpeople 10 minute cardio kickboxing workout

day 4- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred:Level 1

Day 5- 9-Minute Arms and Shoulders Sculpting Workout (with Dumbbells)

Day 6 -Sparkpeople Lower body (hips, glutes& Thigh)workout (6 minutes) & (see day 3)sparkpeople 10 minute cardio kickboxing workout

day 7- Resting but still active Flexibility Video: 5-Minute Stretch Routine

day 7-video 2 = 5-Minute Flexibility Yoga Routine – The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

I looking for these videos, I came across yoga for doing the splits, so I’m going to add this mixed in on some days. I definitely can not do the splits but it is also a little goal I have for exercising.
Yoga to do the Splits